Some History

Residents: Castelnovesi
Patron Saint: Saint Mauro
Other fractions and Localities: Casali,Terra, Valli-Sant'Antonio
Neighbouring towns: Ausonia, Coreno Ausonio, Esperia, San Giorgio a Liri, Vallemaio.
60 km from Frosinone
Major highway: A1 Cassino

The village of Castelnuovo Parano is located in the southern part of the province of Frosinone; the centre of the town, also called "Terra" or Earth, is situated on the top of the hill which overlooks the main road Cassino-Formia along the Ausent Valley. Along this road the area of the S.Antonio Valley is developing quickly. The name comes from the castle built by Abbot Desiderio di Montecassino on the Perano mountain but only in 1862 the town added the second name. The story of the castle is documented by the Cassino historians; the people of Fratte (known as Ausonia) and Minturno attempted to take possesion of the Monastery of Montecassino who had their boundaries right around Ausonia, Desiderio in 1059 built this castle on Perano mountain for military purposes and to clearly set boundaries from the Abbey's territory. For centuries Castelnuovo remained under Cassino's jurisdiction except for some periods when it was occupied by Braccio di Montone, Conti di Spigno and Aquino. In 1806, after the return of Napoleone; Castelnuovo dipended on the central government of Naples, after 1870 they became part of the province of Caserta and in 1927 finally part of the province of Frosinone. During the second world war the town was badly devastated by the attacks between the allies and the Germans along what was called the Gustav Line. After the war the town suffered a great amount of emigration but fortunately immediatly after re-populated by the numerous work oppurtunities such as the marble factories near Coreno-Ausonio and the construction of the main road Cassino-Formia. The population is also known for it's agriculture. In the main fraction, you will notice the Tower and the three doors of entrance to the castle still left standing. In the Ausent Valley near the road there is the church of S.Antonio.

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